Save the Date!!!

Wrestling fans, a book signing event is scheduled at a New England Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at, New England Fan Fest, Convention Center, 12 Exchange St., Providence, RI. Starting at 9:00am – All Day Event…….June 27, 2015

About the Book…

book thumbThe Walking Riot, a biography on Pro Wrestling Legend, Wild Bull Curry is on the market. This is a must read story. This book is a fact filled, in depth look at the God Father of Hard Core Wrestling.
Fifty years of the Bull’s wrestling career is well documented in a book written by his son, Flying Fred, (1972 Pro Wrestling Illustrated, most popular wrestler in the world). The Bull’s story was put together from scrap books collected by his wife, Anna, from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Flying Fred said growing up in the wrestling business and also wrestling for many years helped him collect the additional information needed to complete this book. The five years it took to write “The Walking Riot”, was well worth it. The “Bull” would have it no other way.


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