Memories of my Dad – from Flying Fred Curry

wiic241Fred “Bull Curry” the hard throwing fearless grappler had a fast growing reputation. He had no hesitation to use those iron fists in or out of the ring. Promoters took advantage of this acceleration that took him to mat stardom. He was rogue and unpredictable. He was a promoters dream, a crowd drawer.

They tagged him with names like the Assyrian Stevedore from San Francisco. Assyrians were an ancient tribe of nomads that terrorized Mesopotamia. Stevedore was a seldom used name for dock worker. All this topped off by his wild look and mannerisms, along with his punching power and unperdictable actions had the fans coming in droves. He was crazy, he was wild and someone they wanted to see up close, but out of reach.

There was an aura of confidence in the way he held his body. His shrug of the shoulder, muscular arms, along with the lowering of his heavy eye brows created a menacing look that couldn’t be denied.


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