The Bull

Wild Bull Curry definitely changed the face of wrestling. His wild antics added an edge and air of mischief that made fans either love him or hate him. ¬†Either way, you knew who the Bull was. ¬†He was dangerous, unpredictable, larger than life…

Flying Fred, the Bull’s son, wrote a book about him (The Walking Riot) and is currently working on writing his autobiography. What’s special about Flying Fred’s books is that they are full of wrestling history that you can’t get anywhere else, only insiders know about wrestling as a business, wrestling and the changes through time, etc.

Stay tuned to learn more about the new book and where you can buy it.


5 thoughts on “The Bull

  1. Wild Bull Curry has been reintroduced to a new generation of wrestling fans thanks to the efforts of the 6:05 Superpodcast and its host The Great Brian Last! He spoke with Tom Burke about Wild Bull Curry recently and it was excellent! I think it would be a tremendous segment if Flying Fred Curry could go on the show and give further insight into his father’s great career and life in the wrestling business!

    Here is a link to the 6:05 Superpodcast facebook page


  2. Will always remember the nights at Cobo Arena in Detroit watching Wild Bull and Flying Fred as their was never a dull night when they were on the card.Both worked with The Sheik and teamed together on occasion against The Outlaws(Rhodes &Murdoch ) The Hells Angels ,The Love Brothers,Great Kabooki & Bull Ortega,Al Costello & Kurt Von Hess among others.Besides those great bouts Bull feuded with Bobo Brazil,Lord Layton,Killer Karl Koxs,Mark Lewin,mighty Igor,Pampero Firpo,Bulldog Brower and so many more .Flying Fred also wrestled a Who’s who of that era with such stars as Big Ernie Ladd,Big Bad John,Killer Brooks,Ben Justice,and so many more top stars.He held the N.W.A world tag team championship with partners,Luis Martinez,Dan Miller,Tony Marino,Billy Red Lyons,Bobo Brazil and a few others I cannot remember at this time. All great memories of a time when Wrestling was at its best!Thank You,Currys for all the Great memories and thrills that you gave my family and I over the years..Best,Craig Derbin


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