Memories of my Dad – from Flying Fred Curry

wiic241Fred “Bull Curry” the hard throwing fearless grappler had a fast growing reputation. He had no hesitation to use those iron fists in or out of the ring. Promoters took advantage of this acceleration that took him to mat stardom. He was rogue and unpredictable. He was a promoters dream, a crowd drawer.

They tagged him with names like the Assyrian Stevedore from San Francisco. Assyrians were an ancient tribe of nomads that terrorized Mesopotamia. Stevedore was a seldom used name for dock worker. All this topped off by his wild look and mannerisms, along with his punching power and unperdictable actions had the fans coming in droves. He was crazy, he was wild and someone they wanted to see up close, but out of reach.

There was an aura of confidence in the way he held his body. His shrug of the shoulder, muscular arms, along with the lowering of his heavy eye brows created a menacing look that couldn’t be denied.


Wild Bull Tribute Video

Stumbled upon this tribute video on YouTube that I just had to share.  From the wild eyebrows to the attacks with chairs and chains, the Bull guaranteed an exciting match everytime…Awesome!

Save the Date!!!

Wrestling fans, a book signing event is scheduled at a New England Wrestling Hall of Fame induction ceremony held at, New England Fan Fest, Convention Center, 12 Exchange St., Providence, RI. Starting at 9:00am – All Day Event…….June 27, 2015

About the Book…

book thumbThe Walking Riot, a biography on Pro Wrestling Legend, Wild Bull Curry is on the market. This is a must read story. This book is a fact filled, in depth look at the God Father of Hard Core Wrestling.
Fifty years of the Bull’s wrestling career is well documented in a book written by his son, Flying Fred, (1972 Pro Wrestling Illustrated, most popular wrestler in the world). The Bull’s story was put together from scrap books collected by his wife, Anna, from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. Flying Fred said growing up in the wrestling business and also wrestling for many years helped him collect the additional information needed to complete this book. The five years it took to write “The Walking Riot”, was well worth it. The “Bull” would have it no other way.

The Walking Riot

gallerybull5thumbWild Bull Curry had a face that you would never forget.  He played a villain in the wrestling world and he was a true protector as a police officer in the streets of Hartford, CT.  Wild Bull Curry was fierce and strong.

His son Flying Fred Curry loves him very much and just published a book about the Bull called The Walking Riot.  Their official website is up and running.  This blog will keep wrestling fans and anyone following the Curry family posted with updates on upcoming events and never before seen or rare photos/wrestling programs and articles of Flying Fred and Wild Bull.

We will also be adding updates on Nick Curry who is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps and pursuing a wrestling career!